2 Pyle PLCM18BC

Pyle PLCM18BC is an affordable backup camera system that can be mounted above your vehicle’s license plate. You can pair it with your in-vehicle monitor screen for an easy way to enhance safety while driving. The camera adds true color -penetration, low light capability and all-weather performance. The Pyle PLCM18BC backup camera is housed in a robust fog resistant and waterproof construction.

The camera is able to output a bright and vivid picture, with distance scale lines that can help the driver drive safely into tight parking slots. The system comes with all the cables and wiring necessary for the installation. The camera also offers a built-in light performance that comes handy in dark environments that have limited visibility. Drive smarter and safer with the Pyle PLCM18BC parking backup camera.

Features of Pyle PLCM18BC backup camera.

1. Pyle PLCM18BC offers value for money

I consider Pyle PLCM18BC to be an excellent product that offers value for money. I found the cost of the backup camera to be quite pocket-friendly, and even with the RCA cables and other wires that may be required to get the reverse camera functioning superbly well, the overall cost will be down. The color monitor is of high standards and the night vision is incredible all these are available at a bargain price.

You will also find that the entire installation takes a relatively short period and if you are a little experienced, you may not require someone to help you with the installation. However, you will need an additional power cable depending on the exact location that you want to tap your car’s reverse -sensor cable. Its a camera that offers a long list of highly useful and functional features, but at a minimal cost.

2. A camera that fits superbly well above your car’s license plate

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Pyle PLCM18BC rearview backup -camera can be mounted with ease to the license plate of your vehicle. When paired with an in-vehicle monitor, it provides you with a way of enhancing the security and safety of your vehicle. This powerful backup camera is well equipped with superior color representation, with a resolution of up to 420 television lines.

The backup camera works well in diverse weather conditions thanks to its IP67 waterproofing compliance and in-built fog resistance. The camera has the capability to project distance -scale lines onto the images that are being monitored, making it easy for you to tell the distance to objects. You will find the unique zinc black -chrome which fits perfectly well into the exteriors of most cars.

3. High-quality RCA output

Pyle PLCM18BC features an RCA video -output that can be used to connect to other source inputs. It’s possible that you use your camera with an already existing dash television, a rearview mirror monitor or any other video output that is RCA compatible. This exceptional quality guarantees you clear pictures when you are driving. You will find that the RCA plugs will fit tightly, but you can also tape them to ensure that they remain firmly in place when the hatch is closed.

It works well in low light. I ran the connection to the RCA output in record time, and it wasn’t long before I had a functional backup camera. Whether there is enough daylight or not, I always get quality output.

4. Displays distance from objects

There are instances where you will need to reverse into tight parking spaces. In this scenario, the chance of hitting other parked vehicles is real. However, Pyle PLCM18BC backup camera offers distance scales lines that guide you into the right space, while ensuring that you drive in safely and securely. You will find that this backup camera can display distance lines, helping you mark the distance that separates you and visible obstacles.

This way, you can be sure about the distance, making you drive securely and safely. With these distance lines, there is a minimal risk that you will hit any object that may be situated along your driving path.

6. All weather performance and adjustable angle

Pyle PLCM18BC is waterproof and fog resistant, so you can expect it to withstand wet environments. I have used my car in foggy and rainy environments for many months now after installing it, and I have no complaints so far. It still performs as it was on the first day of installation.

Moreover, I like the fact that I can adjust the angle of the Pyle PLCM18BC backup camera after getting it installed. This helps in ensuring that I can enjoy a high level of visibility of the places that I want to reverse into. What’s most fascinating is that you will not need external help while adjusting the camera angle.


  • True color -reproduction.
  • 420 TLV horizontal -resolutions.
  • 170 degrees viewing angle.
  • Auto -white balance.
  • Male to male RCA cable is provided.
  • It is light in weight.
  • Marine grade-IP67rating.
  • Fog resistant and waterproof housing.
  • Superior low light performance.
  • Inbuilt distance scales lines.
  • It’s preferably mounted above your car’s license plate.


  • No night vision or IR lights.
  • The width of the Pyle PLCM18BC backup camera may cover the license plate partly when being mounted.
  • The video cable is a little shorter, so you may need to buy an additional cable depending on the make of your vehicle.
  • The quality of the camera images may not be usable at night.

Our Verdict

Pyle PLCM18BC backup camera easily mounts above your vehicle’s license plate. It can be paired with an in-vehicle -monitor -display screen for an easy and convenient way to improve safety while on the road. This backup camera performs superbly well in diverse weather conditions, adds low -light capability and this is the best waterproof backup camera. It has a solid construction and gives vivid pictures, together with distance scales lines which help you to drive safely and get into tight parking spots without problems. The system comes with all the wiring and cables that are required for installation Drive safer with this feature rich and affordable backup camera. We recommend this driving assistance to car owners who want a functional, feature rich and affordable driving camera.