In addition to the budget, there are a number of factors that need to be considered when investing in a push lawn mower including weight and ease of use. The American lawn mower 1204-14 push lawn mower bears all the incredible properties that make it an ideal tool for keeping your lawn’s grass neat. Regardless of age, height or strength, this push lawn mower provides maximum ease of use, with a lightweight design that makes it the perfect choice for any homeowner. Some of its useful properties are reviewed below.




The American lawn mower 1204-14 features a single -blade reel that rotates really fast, giving the most turf grass a clean scissor-like trim. For the best versatility, this lawn mower’s reel can be adjusted to cut grass to any length between a half an inch and one and a half inches.

Its 14 -inch cutting width trims a wider path as compared to most push lawn mowers, making it a much faster option. Whether it is bluegrass, rye or fescue among others, the 1204-14 will surely cut or trim the grass clean, thanks to its reel’s sharp blades.

This reel is made of Steel alloy that is strong, durable and easy to maintain, and it consists of a 3 -spider one –blade reel, a bed knife blade and an adjustable 3 -section roller for the best trim and cut off your grass.


For the sake of maximum maneuverability and portability, the American lawn mower 1204-14 rolls on a pair of wheels measuring 8.5 inches in diameter. These wheels are made of polymer for maximum strength, durability and increased impact.

To ensure maximum traction, these wheels have integrally molded treads that will maintain the strongest grip as the lawn mower is rolled over a variety of grass. This reduces the chances of the lawn mower slipping off its path, thus maximum stability and easier maneuverability as you trim the grass.

Given their wide 8.5 -inch diameter, these polymer wheels are much easier to move from one place to another as they have increased stability and cover a larger distance within a short time as compared to push lawn mowers with smaller wheels.

3. Weight: 19 POUNDS

At a mere 19 pounds, the American 1204-14 push lawn mower is among the lightest weight lawn mowers ever designed. Not only does this make it easier to maneuver during grass trimming, but also easier to transport and store.

Even if the user is a newbie at mowing lawns, this lawn mower’s ultra -light weight makes using it a cinch. This property ensures that this lawn mower can be used with great ease regardless of the user’s age, height or strength.

Given its weight, the American 1204-14 lawn mower offers you maximum flexibility when it comes to your transportation and storage needs or conditions. In addition to its light weight, it also features a compact size that also ensures easier maneuverability, transportation, and storage.



To ensure maximum strength and durability, the American 1204-14 comes equipped with sturdy yet beautifully designed handles made of Zinc. Zinc is used in making these handles because it is resistant to rust, corrosion, and breakage, and also due to its light weight.

Its ergonomic design featuring plastic grips ensures maximum comfort to your hands during mowing. Given the handles’ ergonomics, maneuverability, and transportation of this push lawn mower is a cinch, offering the user total control over the sections of the lawn to trim.

Their design also allows for easier assembly, as well as resistance to breakage and snapping. These handles are long and easy to use by people of a wide variety of heights.


When it comes to investing in a lawn mower, the budget should always be an issue of great concern. It should be carefully balanced alongside the mower’s features to ensure that they are worth the expense.

Going at just $79 in price, the American 1204-14 lawn mower is basically the cheapest push lawn mower of its caliber. In addition to its superb cost effectiveness, the 1204-14 comes with a 90 -day limited warranty that covers and damaged parts of this lawn mower.

This is actually true proof of the high quality of this lawn mower, and also the reliability and authenticity of the manufacturing company.


  • Easy to use
  • Offers a comfortable grip
  • Greatly durable
  • Works incredibly on cool -season grass such as rye and bluegrass
  • Affordable
  • Versatile as its reel is adjustable


  • Trims grass too short between and 1 inches tall
  • Not so wide cutting width


1. Does the American 1204-14 push lawn mower cut wet grass?
Yes. Though with a little difficulty, the American 1204-14 cuts both dry and wet grass perfectly. It only requires time to learn how best to handle it in different situations and conditions.

2. Does this lawn mower push well on a slightly sloppy land?
Yes. Its large tread wheels are stable and can easily move over clumpy grass and sloppy ground. Its lightweight feature also promotes ease of maneuverability in this case.

3. Is this lawn mower comfortable for a 5 -foot person?
Yes. It comes with handles that can be flexible held at any height, making it easy to use by people of different heights. This lawn mower has no user limit when it comes to age, height or strength.

4. What is the color of the American 1204-14 lawn mower?
Its color is Orange. There are no other colors manufactured for this lawn mower model.


The American 1204-14 push lawn mower offers its users every essential property that is needed to achieve a perfectly manicured lawn. It is lightweight, easy to use, adjustable and durable. With its steel alloy reels being adjustable, this lawn mower allows you to trim grass from a length of an inch to 1 an inch. This is a property that is present in only top-notch lawn mowers, and since it is not an electric lawn mower, these properties will ensure its optimal performance. At just $79 in price, the American 1204-14 is extremely affordable and should definitely be your number one choice when it comes to investing in a lawn mower.